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Garage Door Sizes

Not all garage doors were made alike; and if you have had your fair share of going through different types of garage doors, you would know that not all garage doors were constructed the same way either. Although some garage doors follow uniform measurements, there are some garage doors that have already been customized to fit unusual sizes of garage openings, while others have been customized to accommodate several unique features that have been added to it. While most residential garage doors follow a somewhat uniform measurement, garage doors for commercial establishments are often larger, or in some cases, wider.

Most garage doors are built following a very common set of measurements. Most of the garage door you will find in hardware stores are those that follow these standard sizes.

Standard Garage Door Sizes

If you are looking for the right garage door for your home, there are four common garage door sizes to choose from. Garage door sizes are distributed into four categories. When looking for garage doors, you might want to take note of these garage door sizes to make sure you purchase a garage door that fits your garage opening like a glove.

Single Garage Door Sizes

The standard garage door sizes for households with one vehicle, which can either be van, a sedan, a sports utility vehicle, or a pick-up come in three dimensions: a 10x7 feet garage door, a 9x7 feet garage door, and an 8x7 feet garage door. However, if your household has one large truck or a van, it may be wise to get a larger single garage door.

Recreational vehicles, or RV's, large trucks, and bobtails are not suited for standard single garage doors due to the height requirements.

Double Garage Door Sizes

Since most middle-class households in the country have, on average, two cars, double garage doors are becoming increasingly more popular. Many homeowners nowadays also use their garages as storage areas, a double garage door in a small house could indicate that one side is used as a storage room. The standard size of double garage doors come in 16x7 feet, 14x7 feet, and 12x7 feet.

When deciding on the ideal standard, residential garage door, also take into consideration the possibility of you purchasing a new vehicle in the future. If you intend to purchase a larger vehicle, consider building a larger garage and purchasing a larger garage door, instead.

RV Garage Door Sizes

For outgoing and adventurous families who own RV's, an RV garage door is perfect for a large garage that is at least 9 feet high. An RV garage door usually has a width of 16x9 feet and a height of 9 feet. These sorts of garage doors are also ideal for homeowners who simply want a large garage with a high ceiling. An RV garage door can accommodate one recreational vehicle, but still be large enough for a smaller vehicle, like a motorbike.

Finding a garage door that is perfect for your home or place of business should not be such a difficult task once you know these different garage door sizes.